Colin Brown has an established and ongoing record of research and creative practice. Over the past thirty one years he has built up a strong international career profile, with regular exhibitions of his paintings throughout the UK, Europe and America.

He has spent periods of time living and painting in Europe - including a four month stay in Florence and four years in Düsseldorf. Brown is now based in Stonehaven on the north-east coast of Scotland, where he has his studio.

His paintings have received a number of awards, most notably a major Artist's Grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York in 1996.

In his current work Brown pulls together random elements and fragments into closely controlled compositions. The paintings, which run a fine line between impulse and calculation, continuously shift context and meaning. Rather than attempting to realise a predetermined concept, his work follows a specific process which allows the painting to emerge through its' implementation.

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My creative process is one of exploration and chance. I go into each painting with no preconceived idea - working initially on building the surface in layers and marking reference points. Gradually a dialogue between the painting and myself is developed and a definite direction is formed. Each element of the work will be constantly examined, considered and reassessed. In the final analysis great importance is placed on the finished surface, balance, structure and rhythm of the painting.

The work evolves naturally year on year, sometimes revisiting old places before moving forward again. In my current paintings the imagery has become more literal, using a combination of random elements mixed with direct references to investigate allegory and narrative, memory and impurity. Although these works perhaps give more of an indication of personal intentions, they remain open to interpretation by the viewer. The paintings employ a variety of mixed media to explore human histories, random and specific mark making, urban imagery and a mix of personal hand writing and printed script.

My working process involves a range of materials including acrylic and oil paints, collage, glazes and varnishes. The paintings are created on wood panels and utilise more urban colours than the colours of nature. Ultimately they aim to celebrate the spirit of modern culture, the pleasure of finding and using, and the Dada-ist ideal of looking at society in fragments.



Colin Brown's work is featured in two recent Art publications:

"Collage - Assembling Contemporary Art".
A major overview of international collage artists. Editor Blanche Craig. Produced by Black Dog Publishing, London 2008

"Cutting Edges".
A survey of contemporary collage. Editors James Gallagher and Robert Klanten
Published by Gestalten, Berlin 2011

Additional publications have been prepared to accompany the following projects:

Kunstraum Kempen - Colin Brown, Malerei
Site-specific Installation, The Stadt Kramer Museum, Kempen, Germany 1994

Kunst fur Dubrovnik
Selected International group exhibition, Landes Museum Volk
und Wirtschaft, Dusseldorf, Germany 1994

Colin Brown - Recent Paintings
Solo Exhibition, Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland 1997

Colin Brown - Paintings and Constructions
Solo Exhibition, Galerie Bongartz + Partner, Hanover, Germany 1998

Nord/LB Forum
Curated Exhibition of British and German Artists, The Messe
Showgrounds, Hanover, Germany 1998

Art for EXPO
Curated International group exhibition, EXPO 2000
Touring Show - New York, Singapore, Hanover, Munich

The Aspect Painting Prize
Award winners exhibition
Adam Gallery, London 2006


Colin Brown in conversation with Lorraine Grant. Filmed by Aberdeenshire Media Unit 2003

In addition to the above publications a number of articles, features and reviews have appeared in newspapers and Art magazines internationally.


"Collage - Assembling Contemporary Art".
Produced by Black Dog Publishing

"Cutting Edges".
Published by Gestalten

New Paintings



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LONDON Painting


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BERLIN Painting


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PRAGUE Painting


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GLASGOW Painting


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